The Heart Murmur That's Easy To Dance To

Mischief Music and Mumbling explain me most efficiently. If you wanna know more just pay attention.

Four antineutrino detectors are shown in place prior to installation of a pool cover that helps keep out unwanted cosmic rays and particles from radioactive decay in the surrounding rock.Shown here are the first pair of antineutrino detectors submerged in pure water in the Daya Bay Experimental Hall #1, each being 16.5 feet tall and 16.5 feet in diameter.The final phase of construction in Daya Bay's Experiment Hall 3 when the pool holding four antineutrino detectors is filled with ultrapure water.


Neutrinos are electrically neutral subatomic particles that mostly pass right through matter without interacting with it. They are one of the fundamental building blocks that make up our universe. Yet because they rarely interact with other things, they are not well understood and the subject of intense scientific interest.

An international group of researchers have been using a facility in southern China called the Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment to learn about the elusive particle. There, researchers are specifically trying to understand a phenomenon displayed by neutrinos in which they oscillate between three different forms: electron, muon and tau.

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